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Keep out: insanity

Hello, this journal is currently semi-friends only. If you want to add me, want me to add you or we know each other and I didn't know you where on LJ, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll add you (back).

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Deleted comment

How come I don't have them enabled ò__ò It's really strange, I have always been able to recieve PMs ò__ò

About the message:

You're welcome *_* I can't wait to see how the story develops <3

Tarja was the best XD Do you follow her on solo? I do, she's still quite good <3
I like Sahara too! But I prefer The poet and the pendulum, Master passion greed and Meadows of heaven *_* Oh, and The Islander <3

You're welcome <3

Deleted comment

Damn, I don't even know HOW THE HELL I should enable them. Argh, I hate LJ when it's like this XD

Waaaah, really? She released two album so far, My winter storm and What lies beneath, the last one in 2010 - she goes by the name "Tarja", but if you search her as "Tarja Turunen" it's pratically the same thing XD

She has an official site, here.
If you want to download her album you can find torrents @ kickasstorrents or you can search a direct or hosted download on filestube, you should find her easily. I downloaded her two albums using the torrents :)

As per the vids: this is a video of a song contained in What lies beneath, as well as this. While these two (1 and 2) are from the first album My winter storm.

I hope you'll like them! She isn't surely the same as with Nightwish still, so be prepared for some changes (she does TOO MUCH ballads, for example lol, the newest album if almost painfully fool of them XD)

I love long songs +__+ And it is SO ANGST I DON'T EVEN--- ahem.
I still prefer other previous songs though XD Like Devil & the deep dark ocean *ç* /fangirl rant
*FULL of them, pardon XD

Deleted comment


7 years ago

Deleted comment

Arrivo dal journal di Ari, e... anche se non sono un'ichiruki, devo dire che il tuo layout merita proprio <3

*scompare nel nulla cosmico da cui era venuta*
Oh, salve ** Sì, ho visto che spesso commenti <3

Grazie! : ) Tutto il merito in realtà è di Kubo-sensei che ha disegnato il tutto lol

(Se vuoi puoi aggiungermi ^^)

*torna a leggere doujinshi yaoi*
YAY, allora verrai friendata seduta stante! \o/
Anche perchè hai un'icon di Risa e Otani, e questo vale la pena. XDDDDD
Bene! XD
Ah, Atsushi-sama--! <3 Sarà grazie a lui che finalmente otterremo la pace nel mondo *saltella come una deficiente* XD
Ari mi ha detto che mi conosci XD e quindi ti ho aggiunta per dimostrarti che non mangio bambini u_u
Ma lo so che non li mangi - e anche se fosse io ormai sono una tònna (?) -, sono io che mi faccio problemi XD
XDD beh, grazie per aver letto i miei mostriciattoli, a proposito <3
Ma prego! Ci ho passato le giornate con Unbreakable <3
Mia cugina più grande mi stampava tutto e io mi chiudevo sul balcone a leggere, sei stata un po' la mia colonna sonora XD
Ahah, spero almeno che te l'abbiano fatta passare bene, ci sono pure colonne sonore pessime XDD Grazie <3


6 years ago


6 years ago